How To Run And Monetize Your Expert Blog

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How To Run And Monetize Your Expert Blog

Today, any social media is replete with an abundance of products that business account holders offer their subscribers. But before you buy something, you need to understand what kind of a blogger you have: an expert or a lifestyle blogger.

Lifestyle pages captivate the audience with stories from the author’s life, who constantly shares useful experience with readers. But he is not a professional in any field. Usually such bloggers offer a simple and cheap product that will be useful to almost everyone. For example, a collection of healthy or vegan recipes. Such profiles usually have a large number of subscribers and frequently take part in various activities that attract new audiences to increase sales.

Who Is An Expert Blogger?

These are professionals in their field who turn the blog into an educational platform: they provide a lot of useful information on a specific topic. Experts earn with the help of a blog either on advertising, paid training courses, or on the sale of their services.

The expert does not need to have teaching skills. You can write about anything you are an expert at and share your knowledge. Experts include specialists in any industry (most often the service sector), for example, lawyers, psychologists, realtors, IT managers. Usually their profiles are designed for an audience that needs a professional opinion or a quality service.

In any field, the issue of expertise is always acute, and now, unfortunately, there are very few competent specialists. The client starts searching for the service he needs in Google and is faced with an endless number of sites and landing pages. Typically, such searches lead to complete confusion: a person found several good offers, but could not determine who really had the competencies he needed, and who is just “packed” competently.This is a situation, when a blog will help make a decision. For a potential client it’s a good opportunity to get to know a specialist and his experience, and for an author – an excellent opportunity to earn money.

Expert Blogging Strategy

Here are four main factors that determine an expert’s blogging strategy:

  1. Your readers, viewers and subscribers are the target audience with the need for your services

Having a good blog, you do not need to look for clients yourself. Usually they subscribe to the page of the specialist they need. You only need to ‘warm them up’ and direct them to purchase. The size of the audience of such a blog does not really play a big role in sales, since experts have a limited number of clients to whom they can provide services at a time. Therefore, owners of such blogs should bet on the check averages – set a price not lower than the average on the market. It is the cost of services that will immediately distinguish an expert among the variety of lifestyle bloggers and provide a high level of income.

  1. Blog makes it possible to warm up the audience, and then make quick sales

There are few customers among your blog audience who have a real need and the ability to immediately pay for a purchase – about 10%. And there is a constant struggle for them – all your competitors’ advertising campaigns are directed to this audience. For the bulk of potential customers, a long warm-up is required. 

That’s why you should invest in a good image: create an attractive landing page for your online course or webinar, collect feedback (Google reviews, for example) to showcase it there, make everything work smoothly (run several tests before making it live). And if a person applies and leaves a request, then the sale is made instantly.

  1. Thanks to useful content, the author and potential client are in constant contact

A blog builds trust in an expert and increases customer loyalty. It is necessary to constantly create content and show the audience your competencies: analyse cases, your successes and mistakes, give expert advice. The main thing is not to forget that ‘a person buys a person’. Any blog won’t not replace Wikipedia, so professional publications should be diluted with vital ones that characterise an expert as a person.

The image formed in the eyes of the audience with the help of special content also helps to maintain a high level of sales:

  • If you broadcast the process of your learning, participation in various trainings, webinars, conferences, then you create the image of a specialist who is constantly developing in his niche. 
  • If you introduce your values ​​to your audience (family, sustainability, ethical work), you can attract completely new customers with similar views.
  1. Blog – a platform for free interaction with the audience

Marketing textbooks say that before buying a person needs to make 7-13 interactions with the company. Blog allows you to receive such engagement almost or completely free. And the more you connect with your audience, the more leads you get.

In the case of experts, it is important to remember that people who provide services sell mainly through word of mouth. And it is the blog that becomes the main assistant, because among the subscribers there are always people who give recommendations about you, even if they are not clients. This is a powerful source of new leads, which is formed namely thanks to your social media account. 

But also there is no direct dependance between the amount of earnings and the number of subscribers for an expert blog. It is more important to properly build communication with the audience and prove the uniqueness of your services.

Expert Blog Advertising

An important place in the life of expert blogs is occupied by advertising campaigns. Without them, no blog will be useful. As I said above, experts often have limits on the number of clients. But it all depends on the area in which he or she works. People can be clients for many years, or they can purchase a one-time service. If in the first case you can get a stable income with a thousand subscribers, then in the second you need to attract new customers. There are two good ways to promote on social media- launching targeting or advertising with bloggers. For an expert blog with a small audience, I recommend the former. This will help increase your awareness and expand your audience. And only after that you can connect bloggers.


Subscribers are not a measure of success and professionalism. If you’re an expert, it’s not the size of your audience that determines your blog revenue, but how well-designed your blog strategy is. Generate useful posts, analyse cases, publish in the media and increase your expertise, not the number of subscribers. And it is the value of your competencies that will become the main factor in generating income.

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