Best Fitness Blogs of 2023: 13 Fitness Blog Examples to Inspire You

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Best Fitness Blogs of 2023: 13 Fitness Blog Examples to Inspire You

Best fitness blog examples

In this blog post, I’m going to show you the best fitness blogs. These fitness blogs have helped thousands (millions?) of people live healthy, fulfilling lives.

But before you start blogging blindly, it’s best to look at some fitness blog examples first to get an idea of how everything works. Because if you want to become the best fitness blogger in the game, you have to learn from the best bloggers first.

Before I get started, let me answer a few questions beginner bloggers have about fitness blogs.

Want to start a fitness blog?

Why start a fitness blog?

Know a thing or two about fitness? Want to help others get fit and healthy too? If your passion is fitness, there’s no better time than now to start a fitness blog.

While fitness is a physical activity, people get ideas online on what types of exercises work best. After all, people come in all shapes and sizes, and there is no all-in-one solution for getting into shape.

When you start a niche blog, you focus on finding a specific group of people who have an intense interest in a specific topic. For example, how about starting a pregnancy fitness blog? Or how about a fit dads over 40 blog? There are countless different types of fitness blogs you can start and monetize.

Fitness blog name ideas

Want to start a fitness blog? You need to come up with a blog name first! While this is a big step in the process, don’t get hung up on this too long. You can always change your name later.

Want to get some blog name ideas to inspire you? Here are some suggestions.

  • Fitness + [Keyword], such as Fitness World, Fitness Planet, etc.
  • [Keyword] + Fitness, such as Insane Fitness, Banana Fitness, etc.
  • [Fitness-related keyword] + Blog, such as Daily Exercise Blog
  • [Keyword] + Workout, such as The Total Body Workout
  • [Keyword] + System, such as Fit Motivation System
  • [Keyword] + Method, such as Happy Sweat Method
  • [Your audience] + Fitness, such as Young Asian Fitness
  • [Location] + Fitness, such as South Beach Fitness
  • The [Fitness-related keyword] Club, such as The Fit Mom Club
  • [Keyword] and [Keyword] such as Fit and Healthy
  • [Mix of keywords], such as Eat Run Sleep

How to start a fitness blog

To start a fitness blog, you need to choose a domain name and get it hosted first. I recommend getting your blog started with HostGator.

Once you’ve picked a domain name, HostGator will set up your WordPress blog for you so you’ll be ready to go from the jump.

To design your fitness blog, choose a blog theme like Astra Pro. I recommend using them because of their pre-made starter templates. You can find a design you like that closely matches your vision for your blog design, make some color changes, and you’re all set.

Ready to get started?

13 best fitness blogs

Want to start a fitness blog of your own? With so many blogs out there, you need to ensure you’re following the right ones to learn from the best.

Here are the best fitness blog examples so you can learn how these fitness bloggers have become so popular.


You probably already know the MyFitnessPal name, as they offer a highly competitive app that’s perfect for those looking to lose weight. Their companion blog is another excellent tool to have in your arsenal, as they pretty much cover everything.

You’ll find things like excellent meal ideas, workouts you can do in your home, and all the latest on fitness equipment on this blog. Whatever you want to know, you’ll find it here.

MyFitnessPal is one of the best fitness blogs out there and a great one to learn from, which is why it’s first on my list.

Born Fitness

Born Fitness is an excellent fitness blog that’s a little bit different from all the other options out there. They only curate information from the very best, so you’re getting only scientifically approved and tested advice on getting fit.

The writers here interview the best and brightest and then simplify the info, so you don’t need to be an expert to benefit from it. You can find the info you want by searching for your question on the site, such as ‘how to lose weight healthily’ or ‘what are the best proteins?’ Then you can get all the best info right there at your fingertips.

There’s so much to see here, from advice on getting started exercising to the best healthy lunch recipes. All the advice is from the experts, so you’re going to find some brilliant resources here.

FitBit Blog

Here’s another fitness blog that teams up well with the tech you’re using. FitBits have become hugely popular, as they allow you to keep track of your fitness goals and monitor all kinds of things right on your wrist. The FitBit company has made a blog to accompany the tech so that you can get the most out of it.

Here you can find plenty of advice on reaching your fitness goals. There’s all the usual advice, but there’s also lots of info on mental health too. This is great to see, as there’s a well-proven link between mental health and fitness. If you take care of both, then you’ll see much better results overall.

There’s an easy search function, too, so you can look for the topics you’re interested in and get started on your fitness journey.

Tony Gentilcore

Getting fit is a journey, and you’ll probably be working on it over your entire lifetime. As you get started, it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed and not be sure where to even start. You may also want to give up as it just feels too difficult or out of reach for you. This is where Tony Gentilcore’s blog really shines.

This blog is designed to be positive about the fitness process. There are plenty of posts that will help keep your spirits up and keep going. As the blog says, “heavy things won’t lift themselves.” You’ll find lots of inspirational quotes here that will keep you on the right path.

This is in addition to the regular fitness and food posts that will give you help on your journey. If you want to get started, this is a good fitness blog to check out.

Nerd Fitness

If you’re looking for resources that will help you start getting fitter, then this is the place to be. Nerd Fitness is dedicated to helping you make permanent changes to your health and fitness.

To that end, there are lots of free articles on the site that give you excellent advice. These include lots of vital info on getting started strength training or how to lose weight effectively.

On top of this, you’re able to sign up for their fitness program, which allows you to get fit and have fun all from the comfort of your own home. That’s important, as you often don’t have time to go to the gym or don’t want to spend all that cash.

Instead, you can use the fun home workouts provided by the program to help you get fit. They even have a fitness app that helps gamify the fitness process. If that’s something that will motivate you, you’ll love Nerd Fitness.

Jessi Kneeland

This blog is unique as it caters mostly to women who are starting to lose weight. It’s a fraught process, as there are so many issues in society around women’s weight. It’s very hard to start losing weight in a healthy way, without giving in to negative self-talk or worse.

That’s where this blog steps in. Jessi Kneeland has chosen to create the role of the weight loss buddy for herself. On her blog, you’ll find lots of posts about staying positive as you lose weight. It has lots of info on mental health and staying mentally healthy through your weight loss journey.

If you want a blog that focuses as much on your mental health as well as your physical health, then this blog is for you.

Love Sweat Fitness

The Love Sweat Fitness blog is just a part of a lifestyle brand created by Katie Dunlop back in 2014 to help women change the idea of what a healthy lifestyle is. On the blog, you’ll see it’s packed full of info that’s aimed at women. If you want to lose weight and be healthier, this is the place to be.

You’ll find so many different resources here. There are lots of different workouts that are geared towards different goals, so you’ll find one that’s right for you. There’s also nutrition information, so you can focus on changing up your diet and eating healthier options.

On top of the blog, there’s an app that has even more for you, especially if you’re a premium member. There’s also a YouTube channel, which is perfect if you prefer to watch than read. With so many options, there’s bound to be something here for you.

Run Eat Repeat

Is running your workout method of choice? Then you need to check out this blog. It’s run by Monica, who has run over 30 marathons and 50 half marathons, making her the expert on all things running.

It’s worth following her blog for info on upcoming races and marathons, so you can get involved at a level that suits you best. She’s also recently been updating readers on virtual marathons that are giving out medals for runners who complete them right now.

On top of this, you’ll find nutritional advice tailored for runners, as well as general advice to help you get the most out of any run you take. It’s a great place to get started if you’re just getting into running.

Ross Training

This blog has the tagline “bridging the gap between ordinary and extraordinary,” and if you want to start becoming fitter and stronger, this is the place to be.

There’s lots of information on how to become stronger and train in your very own home, without specialist equipment. Right now, for example, you can learn how to make your own punching bag or your own PVC Parallettes. There’s even a book on sale that’s called ‘Never Gymless,’ with tons of advice on training wherever you are.

If you want to get even more from this blog, you can buy extra workout and fitness guides, as well as the site’s own brand of apparel. It’s one of the best fitness blogs for those looking to get stronger at home.


Are the other blogs on this site too serious for you? Then you can check out FitGag, a fitness blog that aims not to take itself too seriously. You can see this in their tongue-in-cheek style, Buzzfeed style layout, and mech that includes slogans like ‘Deadlifts And Chill.’

This doesn’t mean they don’t have vital info for you, though. You’ll find info on particular workout techniques, exercise myths, and mental health too. There’s a little bit of everything here, so they’re worth checking in on.

This is the site with all the latest updates and the most viral and popular workout stories. Keep it in your feed so you can stay on top of your game.

Scooby’s Workshop

This blog is run by Scooby Werkstatt, who started lifting weights in the ’80s and discovered that working out could be fun. He brings that enthusiasm to you in his blog, giving you lots of ideas on how to get into working out and enjoying what you do. He also injects a lot of personality into his posts, so you know all this advice is coming from a place of experience.

On top of this, you can check out even more from Scooby on his YouTube channel, where he gives out advice and tips on working out and meeting your full potential.

If you want a fitness blog with a little more personality, this is going to be the one for you.

Workout Mommy

Many moms are looking to work out and drop some pounds, especially when they’ve just given birth, and are dealing with the hormones and sleep deprivation that come with motherhood. It makes getting fit that little bit more difficult, and that’s where this blog comes in.

Workout Mommy is one of the best fitness blogs and is run by a single mother of four and qualified fitness coach Lisa Gulley. She wanted to lose weight after having her kids and has now parlayed that experience into her blog. The advice here helps you find time to work out around caring for your kids and has lots of advice pertinent to parents.

There’s also a ‘fit mommy’ section, where you can share your workout goals and work towards them in a judgment-free environment. It’s a fantastic place to be, and with tailor-made advice, you’ll be working out in no time.


If you’ve attempted to diet or get fit before, then you’ll know just how hard it is. Often, you’re put off right away because you’re being told not to listen to your body. Because of this, you’ll eventually fail and feel as though you can’t meet your goals. That’s where the Powercakes blog steps in.

This blog advocates for listening to your body and doing what you can to remain fit. Rather than taking on diets that aren’t going to work, instead, you work with your body here to give it what it needs. It’s the blog for you if you want a more relaxed and simple way to get fit, rather than crash diets and intense workout regimes.

If you do want some workout tips, you can buy extra workout routines too that’ll help you achieve specific goals. They’re all excellent and will help most people looking to get fit.

Wrapping it up

So, what did you think of the best fitness blogs? The fitness bloggers on this list all started with a fresh website from scratch. It took years, but all of them eventually built up a following and now make a good living running their fitness blog.

Until next time,

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