5 Best Instagram Bio Link Tools for 2023

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5 Best Instagram Bio Link Tools for 2023

Instagram link in bio tools

While Instagram isn’t the best traffic source for bloggers, you shouldn’t ignore Instagram to market your blog entirely.

As you know, the only place on Instagram (other than swipe up in Stories) where you can add your link is in your Instagram bio. If you’re linking to your blog’s homepage – you’re doing it wrong.

With the use of an Instagram bio link tool, you can change your bio link to link to a recent blog post and even schedule bio link updates in advance.

There are quite a few Instagram bio link tools available, some free, some paid. But which ones are best? In this blog post, I’ll go over the 5 best Instagram bio link tools.

Instagram bio link tools FAQ

What are Instagram bio link tools?

You can only add one link in your Instagram bio. But, with the use of an Instagram bio link tool, that one link can direct users to several pages. You can even change your link on a schedule to coincide with a product launch or a blog post you publish.

An Instagram bio link tool also helps you build a customized landing page where you can include the links that matter most to you. After you’re done building your landing page, the tool provides you with a link you can add to your Instagram bio.

What are the benefits of using an Instagram bio tool?

Instagram bio tools allow your Instagram to serve multiple purposes at the same time. You can link to your latest blog post, your sales page, and your Facebook page all in your customized landing page.

What features are available using a bio link tool?

Different bio link tools will offer different features. The main features you want to be looking for are the ability to customize the style of your landing page, schedule your link updates, analytics, and link tracking.

What to put for your Instagram bio link

Let’s take a look at a few different links you could use in your profile.

How do you add a link to your Instagram bio?

Adding a link to your bio is actually really simple. It should only take you a few seconds. You can do it from your smartphone, tablet, or your laptop/desktop.

To add a link in your IG bio, follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Log in to Instagram and go to your profile.
  2. Click on the button that says “Edit My Profile”
  3. Insert your desired link in the field titled “Website”
  4. Save your changes by tapping “Done”

That’s all you have to do! In four short steps, you’ve added a link to your blog or website in your Instagram bio.

Now that you’ve learned how easy it is to add an Instagram link to your bio, let’s talk about the different ways you could utilize this asset.

Add a link to the homepage of your website

The most common way to use your Instagram bio link is as a gateway to your blog or website.

While it’s what most people do, it might not be the best approach. That’s because you’re going to want to direct people to your most important page or pages, not just a page with your latest posts.

Link to a landing page

Want to grow your email list fast? You can turn your Instagram into a lead generating machine by linking directly to a landing page with your email opt-in form.

Make your lead magnet irresistible and have it align with the content you’re posting on Instagram to help you get more email subscribers.

Link to a sales page

Have something for sale? Why mess around and link to your homepage when you can link directly to your sales page.

If you have an online course, either self-hosted or on Udemy, are selling an ebook or printables, consider adding them to your Instagram bio.

Share your latest blog post

Updating your Instagram bio link to your latest blog post can help you get comments and social shares, giving your new content a good social boost.

After sharing a thought-provoking picture, you can include the words “see link in bio” to direct people to your bio and then your blog post.

Link to your YouTube channel

Connecting with your audience is much easier through video content rather than pictures. Seeing you on the screen will help your followers feel like they know you on a deeper level. This will make them feel more comfortable engaging with your content and supporting your work.

If you’re a video content creator on YouTube, use your Instagram bio link and send your followers to your YouTube channel.

Link to another social media account

If you have a big following on Instagram, leverage those followers to grow another social media account. Link to your Facebook page, Pinterest profile, or your Twitter account if you want to grow another account faster.

5 best Instagram bio link tools

1. Smart.bio

Smartbio Instagram bio tool

Tailwind’s SmartBio allows you to create a landing page complete with your own branding and colors. This tool is completely free and allows you to add links to individual Instagram posts. Its’ sleek layout and non-existent price tag make this a great tool for beginners.

Price: Smart.bio is Free

2. Shorby

Shorby is made up of a variety of tools all geared towards Instagram. However, it can be used on other social platforms as well. To create a landing page with all of your relevant links, try Shorby’s SmartPages.

On SmartPages, you can build a custom page for any links that fit your needs. You can also add your own branding and feeds to build brand awareness and display your latest content. It can also be set up to schedule specific links to appear on your page as they are needed. This is helpful for giveaways and sales for your online store. It also makes handling your links easy and convenient.

My favorite feature is their countdown block, which can be used before a big launch or during a sale.

Price: Shorby is $12 per month

3. Lnk.bio

If you’re a tech newbie, you may want to try Lnk.Bio’s simpler style. It is user-friendly while still allowing you to add multiple links to your Instagram bio. The one downside: you can’t customize your landing page with your personal branding. However, it is still an effective tool to use. It offers all the necessary features, including unlimited links and link tracking.

Price: You can start using Lnk.Bio today for free. One of the more inexpensive options, you can purchase a premium plan for $0.99 a month. You can also opt to pay $9.99 for a lifetime membership.

4. Link In Profile

Another user-friendly Instagram tool, Link In Profile is a hassle-free way to add multiple links to your bio. While it lacks the ability to customize your page and track analytics, it is still a simple tool for those who aren’t sure how to proceed. It does the job it’s intended for.

Price: You can try Link In Profile for free for 30 days. After your trial, it costs $9.99 monthly.

5. Linkin.bio by Later

This specific tool takes a unique approach similar to SmartBio by Tailwind. With Linkin.bio by Later, your landing page is a recreation of your actual Instagram account. This allows you to add relevant links directly to individual posts, making it easier for your followers to find the content they’re looking for.

Other tools allow you to include unlimited links on your landing page. Linkin.bio by Later only lets you put one unique link on your page; the rest of your links have to be attached to specific Instagram posts.

If you are operating an online store, this tool could be the one for you. It allows you to link specific products pictured on your Instagram account. This makes it easier for potential customers to shop your feed rather than navigate your site on your own.

Price: Plans for Linkin.bio start at $19 a month. You can try it out for free for a limited amount of time.

Wrapping it up

Since Instagram has 910 million users as of 2021 (source), it would be foolish to ignore properly using your Instagram bio link. Hopefully, this post has helped you find the best bio link tool to use on your Instagram profile.

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