How to Write an About Me Page for a Blog (Free Template)

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How to Write an About Me Page for a Blog (Free Template)

How to write an about me page for a blog

Your About Me page will be one of the most important pages on your blog. It’s the page where new readers can learn more about you and decide if they want to stick around. And it will end up being the page on your blog that gets the most traffic.

A typical reader journey goes like this:

Blog post (entry point) > About page (learn more) > Email list (express interest) > Buy from you

If you mess up the about page, you’re going to lose readers before they get to see your offer.

So let’s spend the time to write an awesome about me page. And because writing about yourself is never easy, I’ve included an about me page template at the end of this article.

About me page FAQ

Does my blog need an about page?

Most definitely, it does! Your about page helps you connect with your readers.

These are the people who will become not only email subscribers but ultimately paying customers. Even if you have nothing to sell, they will still comment on your blog posts, share them on social media, and buy affiliate products you recommend.

In other words, your about me page will be your moneymaker!

What tense do I write in?

Talk to your readers directly. Rather than speaking in the 3rd person, give that personal touch your blog deserves by addressing your readers as “you” as much as you can.

For example: Change “We at Blog Name welcome you to our blog” to “You’re always welcome at my blog, Blog Name.”

Should I get personal?

You should. By sharing your journey (your wins and especially your losses), you’ll get the type of connection needed to turn a one-time reader into a raving fan of your blog.

Do I have to add my picture?

You can’t expect to gain a following while hiding behind your brand. People want to see that there’s a real person behind the blog.

If you’re completely against using your picture, you can have a caricature made of you on Fiverr.

Do I promote my about page?

Since your about page is such an important page, you should ensure it’s front and center on your website.

Add a link to your about me page on your menu, and don’t be afraid to mention your about page in your blog posts where appropriate.

Any about page rules I should know about?

  • Don’t ramble. Your about me page isn’t a page you should ramble on endlessly about yourself.
  • Do brag. Why should people listen to you? They need to know you’re qualified to write about this topic.
  • Spellcheck. Your about page is your time to shine. Make sure to put your best foot forward by proofreading your work.
  • Update it. Life changes pretty quickly. Go back to your about page every year and update your life changes and add any new mentions you’ve received.

What if I’m not a great writer?

If you need help writing your about page, install the free Grammarly browser extension. I use the pro version to help write with clarity, confidence, wordiness and to help with run-on sentences like this one.

How to write an about me page for your blog

Introduce yourself

Briefly state who you are and why you started your blog. This should be no longer than 2-3 sentences.

Whatever you say, do it in an interesting way. If you’re not interesting – you are boring. And if you are boring – you will be ignored!

We’re looking to activate an emotional connection right from the start. And you don’t do that by listing your achievements.

Here is how I start my About Me page:

“I’m a 30-something-year-old dude who somehow fell ass-backward and landed a beautiful wife, an amazing daughter, and a six-figure income as a full-time blogger.

But it wasn’t always like that.

When I started blogging, I was flat broke. I had no job, no career and now had a family to support.

Pressure much?!”

If I don’t hook you in with that, we might as well not waste each other’s time and go our separate ways. I’m either going to connect with my audience or not. There is no middle ground here.

I would rather be unique and FAIL than be boring and FORGOTTEN.

It does you (nor them) no good to be bland. Just be somebody. Who has ever been successful by going with the flow? I’m waiting…

A picture is worth a thousand words

You can’t get anyone to buy from you unless they trust you. That is one of the ingredients needed to make a sale. This is why big brands make the big bucks.

You’re going to need a picture of yourself on your about me page. But I’m telling you that this is not the time to wear formal attire and head off to a professional photographer.

Heck no! People want to relate to you. They want to read the blog of a real person. So your picture needs to reflect that.

Left-align your image so you can add text to the right of it (or vise versa). This way, your picture, and intro will be above the fold.​

If you nailed the picture + intro, the reader will scroll down to read the next section.

Big blocks of text are boring. Break up sections of text with an image or two. But this isn’t the page to add stock images. Instead, choose action pictures.

You can be climbing a mountain, going for a bike ride, or just cooking breakfast! It really doesn’t matter, as long as you’re doing something.

Your mission statement

Sharing your mission statement with your readers lets them know of your purpose. If it’s a cause they care about, they’ll join your “army.”

You can use this template to help you write a mission statement for your blog:

I help [your ideal reader] to [what you help them with] by [how you help them] because [why you care].

It’s not (all) about you though

The longer the reader stays on the page, the better your chances are of making a fan. So to keep the reader on this page longer, don’t make your about me page all about you.

In doing my research for this post (by research, I mean Googling “about me” and reading a few), I found that most about me pages suck.

Here’s how the typical about me pages read:

First section​

My name is [Name]. I was born in [City]. I went to [University]. I have [Number] kids.

Second section​

In my spare time, I like to [Activity]. I started this blog in [Year] because I love [Niche].

Third section​

Follow me on [Social Media #1] and [Social Media #2] and [Social Media #3].

You know what I think about when I read that? I think WHO CARES!

All I see in most about me pages is “Me Me Me Me Me.” That’s entirely the wrong approach.

Instead, tell them about the problem in your niche and why it matters. You can talk about yourself, but only as it relates to how you share a common problem.

Show empathy, show that you know the struggle is real.

Write about how fed up you were and that something had to change.

Show emotion. Be dramatic. After all, emotions cause people to be your friend, follow you on the ‘gram, join your email list, and buy from you. [shrugs]

You can track how long someone spends on your about me page in your Google Analytics.

Go to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages. Click on the URL for your about me page and look at the Avg. Time on Page metric.

If you use the ExactMetrics WordPress plugin (like I do), you can see this data right from each page or in the WordPress dashboard.

Google Analytics plugin

Include a personal story

Facts and figures are boring – stories are not. Your about me page is the perfect place to add a “hero” type story.

The story typically goes like this:

  • Likable underdog has a major problem.
  • Underdog tries and fails, then tries and fails again.
  • Underdog stumbles on solution.
  • Underdog becomes the hero and saves the day.

You are the underdog here who had a problem and are now the hero sharing how you were victorious.

The purpose of your story isn’t to gloat. It’s to show the reader you are one of them. This makes you extremely relatable. And when we can relate to someone’s experience, it opens the door to creating a genuine connection.

When you can create this type of connection, you can convert that one-time visitor into a raving fan of your blog.

The About Me page allows you the opportunity to open up and show the real you. While you should be injecting your personality into every blog post, your about me page is your chance to go even deeper.

Don’t be afraid to share your journey – include not only your wins but your struggles too.

What’s in it for me?

Sorry to say it, but readers don’t really care about you. They care about what you can do for them.

Every blog post needs to answer a question your ideal reader has. For your about me page, the question they have is, “can this blog help me solve my problem?”

In this section, let the reader know clearly how you can help them achieve their desired goal.

You can definitely link to your best blog posts here. Show them that you are the person who is best equipped to help them.

Don’t stress about creating the perfect about me page. Just like you, your about me page will always be a work in progress.

Add credibility

It’s okay to brag on your about page. Readers need to trust that you have the credibility to discuss your niche.

Here are 3 ways to show your credibility.

  • Mention what other blogs or publications you’ve been mentioned in, if any.
  • Add some testimonials from people you have helped in the past.
  • List your best posts. Use this section to show people what pages of your blog they should visit first.

Add a call to action

I’ve saved the best for last. It’s money-making time!

How do you end your about me page? Just tell them goodbye, and that’s it? No! You need to end your about me page with a call to action. Don’t waste this chance.

Many bloggers like to end their about me page with a bunch of “calls to action.” Follow me on x, y, and z. Buy this product. Bookmark my site.

The reality? Not even your BFF is going to do any of those things. So instead, pick ONE thing you want the reader to do, then ASK them to do it!

The best call to action for a blog is an email opt-in form.

Building and growing an email list is the best way to make money with your blog.

When someone joins your email list, this allows you to contact them again and provide more value. As you provide value, you are establishing yourself as an authority and are building trust.

And trust is that magical thing you need to get if you ever want to make any money blogging.

If you do not have an email list, you need one. I use ConvertKit for email marketing. I have an automated email sequence set up that new subscribers go through.​

The sequence is designed to build enough trust to be able to sell products with credibility.

If you use this link here, you can create unlimited forms, landing pages, and send emails to up to 1,000 subscribers free.

And to create the email signup forms you see on this page, I use the ConvertPro plugin.

About me page template

You can click the image to get the full-sized version to save the about page template.

Now it’s time for my call to action.

If this post helped you learn how to write an About Me page, all I ask is that you save this page on Pinterest!

Until next time,

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