Day 3 – Grow your audience – Do Six Figures
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Day 3 – Grow your audience

Lesson 3

Welcome to day 3 of the Do Six Figures blogging bootcamp. Today I'm going to show you how to get free traffic to your website via Pinterest using the Tailwind scheduler.

Where to get traffic

There's plenty of platforms with a huge following: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

A common mistake new bloggers make is trying to have a presence everywhere.

What inevitably happens when you try and do everything is you end up mastering nothing!

To avoid this common mistake, I want you to laser focus on getting traffic from one source at a time, starting with Pinterest first.

Why start with Pinterest?

Here are three reasons why Pinterest should be the traffic source you go after first.

  • People go on Pinterest to solve problems

Pinterest is a visual search engine where people go to find ideas, inspiration, and solutions to their problems.

If your blog posts offer solutions or inspiration, it's going to do very well on Pinterest.

  • Pinterest is part search engine, part social media

On Pinterest, content is both searchable and shareable. This means your content stays on PInterest forever and has the potential to go viral.

  • You can get traffic fast

While the potential to get traffic is higher on Google, new websites don't get any love from Google.

But on Pinterest? You can start getting serious traffic within a month!

Ready to get traffic from Pinterest? Let's do this.

Step 1. Create a Pinterest business profile

Here are the steps to set up a Pinterest account for success.

  • Open a business profile

Follow these instructions from Pinterest to open a free business account.

  • Fill out your profile

Add a picture, edit your username, and change your display name.

For your bio, use descriptive keywords to be found in search results.

  • Claim your domain name and enable rich pins

Go to Settings > Claim and enter your domain name.

How to claim your domain on Pinterest and set up a Pinterest business account

To add the HTML code to verify your domain, first install the free Yoast plugin for WordPress.

Then go to SEO > Social > Pinterest and paste the code there.

How to claim your website on Pinterest

When you're done, test any blog post with the Rich Pin Validator tool.

  • Create 5-10 boards relating to your niche

Boards play an important role in letting Pinterest know what your pins are about. Fill in the board title and description, making sure to use relevant keywords.

If you converted your personal account to a business account, you'll want to set your non-relevant boards to secret.

  • Populate your boards with other user's content

Since you don't have any pins yet, fill up your boards with content from other users to start.

When you continue to pin images that receive engagement, Pinterest rewards your account with more exposure. So pin relevant images that catch your attention.

Step 2. Create your first Pinterest pin

No graphic design experience needed here. To design a Pinterest pin all you need is Canva and a template.

Design a pin on Canva

You can design a pin for a blog post, a landing page (you can make one with ConvertKit), or just your homepage.

Choose a template, make your changes, and save the file.

When it's ready, add it to Pinterest to the most relevant board.

Add a pin on Pinterest

To get the most exposure to your content you're going to want to create multiple pins for each of your articles.

This is because the Pinterest algorithm favors two main things: freshness and engagement.

So as long as you stay consistent on the platform and continue to create pins that receive engagement (saves), you're going to get traffic from Pinterest.

Step 3. Sign up for Tailwind

Pinterest has said they reward not only fresh original content, but also consistency.

Because of this you're going to need a Pinterest scheduler like Tailwind to maintain this consistency.

How to schedule pins on Tailwind

I prefer to work in batches. This means I might spend a few weeks filling up my queue for the entire year ahead of time.

Tailwind has 3 main features to help boost your Pinterest traffic:

  • Scheduler - Automatically pins at peak hours
  • Smartloop - To re-pin your best content again to Pinterest
  • Tribes - Collab with bloggers in your niche to share each other's pins

You can sign up with Tailwind for free here.

We're almost done here! In the next lesson, I'll go over how to monetize your blog.