Day 4 – Make money blogging – Do Six Figures
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Day 4 – Make money blogging

Lesson 4

Welcome to day 4 of the Do Six Figures blogging bootcamp. Today we're going to put the monetization puzzle together and afterward, I'll introduce you to my Do Six Figures Bootcamp premium eCourse.

Let's get started with monetizing your blog.

Here are the 5 best ways to monetize your blog.

  • 1. Ads
  • 2. Affiliate marketing
  • 3. Sponsored posts
  • 4. Services
  • 5. Digital products

Each method requires a different approach and you can use more than one method on your blog.

Let's dig in.

1. Ads

Place ads on your blog. Get paid. It's as simple as that.

When you monetize with ads, traffic is the name of the game. The more you get, the more you earn.

This monetization method is the best way to earn your first $100 blogging.

To get started with ads you need to sign up with an ad network first.

For new bloggers, I recommend Google Adsense. As your site gets more traffic you can look into switching to another network that pays more.

Pros: Easiest way to make money because you don't have to sell anything.

Cons: It's difficult to scale and grow your blog to a six-figure income using ads alone.

2. Affiliate marketing

With affiliate marketing you are paid a commission for selling someone else's product.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don't have to spend time or money creating a product yourself. You just have to promote it.

For new bloggers, I recommend starting with Amazon's affiliate program, Amazon Associates.

Here are the best affiliate networks to join:

Pros: Teaches you what sells in your niche - and how to sell it.

Cons: You're sharing the revenue which means payout rates can be low.

3. Sponsored posts

Whether you call it paid reviews, influencer marketing, or sponsored posts, some bloggers make serious bank with this monetization method.

With sponsored posts you get paid to mention or review a product or service. 

This monetization method works well in the parenting, travel, beauty, and fashion niches.

Here are some sponsored post networks you can register on:

Pros: You can earn upwards of $1,000 on a single campaign.

Cons: You need to have a good-sized audience and a following on social media to get offers.

4. Services

You can make money offering services, even without a big audience.

Here are some services you can offer on your blog:

  • Freelance writing (don't forget to use Grammarly)
  • Virtual assistant (also on Fiverr and Upwork)
  • Web design (you can do this with Divi)
  • Graphic design (you can do this with Canva)
  • Coaching/consulting

Pros: You can charge a lot of money. Think $100+ per hour.

Cons: Every client becomes your boss.

5. Creating your own digital products

I saved the best for last. Creating and selling your own digital products is the best way to monetize your blog.

Imagine a product you create once, can sell over and over again, and never runs out of stock. This is what you get with a digital product.

Best of all, there's no middle-man to split the profits with!

Short on ideas on what to sell? Here are ideas for digital products you can create for your blog:

  • Printables (meal planners, budgets, calendars, checklists, templates)
  • Ebooks (Either short how-to guides or an in-depth ebook)
  • Course (Either on the Teachable platform or self-hosted with Thrive Apprentice)

Pros: You create it once and then sell it over and over again.

Cons: It takes time and money to create your own product.

The next steps to making money with your blog

That's it for the free 4-day blogging bootcamp! But this doesn't have to end here.

At this point you have three options: 

1. Quit
2. Figure it out on your own
3. Start your blogging journey with a proven blueprint to success.

If you're ready to take massive action, I invite you to enroll in my Do Six Figures Bootcamp course.

Here's what's included:

Blogging Framework - With the right mindset and direction, you are unstoppable.

- The World is Yours - How to build a powerful online brand to start your journey.

- Power Content - How to create viral and engaging content for your blog.

Email List Mastery - How to start and grow a tribe of loyal fans on your email list.

- Traffic Domination - How even new blogs can get explosive blog traffic.

- Unlock Monetization - Learn how other bloggers make money - and how you can too.

Here's what this course will do for you:

- It will show you the exact steps to take to build a six-figure blog

- It will give you focus by showing you what actions make the biggest difference

- It will save you time by helping you avoid common blogging roadblocks

In short, it will give you the most direct line to building a profitable blog from scratch.

If you're ready to take massive action, I invite you to enroll in my Do Six Figures Bootcamp course for only $37 (that's not a typo!).

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