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Add an opt-in form on your blog

Lesson 6 Module 2

Let's start by creating a simple email signup form and adding it to your blog.

Create a form

To create a form with ConvertKit, go to Landing Pages & Forms > Create new > Form > Inline

Choose a template, make your changes, and save.

Install the ConvertKit plugin

The easiest way to add the opt-in form you just created to your blog is with the ConvertKit WordPress plugin.

In WordPress, go to Plugins > Add New, search for ConvertKit, then install and activate the plugin.

To finish setting up the plugin, you need an API key and a secret key which you can find in ConvertKit by going to Account Settings > General.

Back in WordPress, go to Settings > ConvertKit and enter the API key and API Secret to connect ConvertKit to WordPress.

Add the form to a blog post

To add the form to your blog posts, you have a few options:

1. Add it inside of a blog post

To add your form to a blog post manually, you can add the appropriate [shortcode] wherever you want it to appear.

You can find the shortcode in your ConvertKit form by clicking on Embed > WordPress

2. Add it to the bottom of every blog post

In WordPress, go to Edit a blog post.

At the bottom, find the ConvertKit section and choose your form.

Note: You can also set a default form in Settings > ConvertKit so you don't have to set this on every post.

3. Add it as a widget in the sidebar or footer

To add it here, in WordPress go to Appearance > Widgets and drag the ConvertKit widget to the sidebar or footer.