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Start an email list for free

Lesson 5 Module 2

Now it's time to sign up with an email marketing provider to start your email list.

I use and recommend ConvertKit. Let me explain why:

ConvertKit is free

ConvertKit now has a free lifetime plan. It's not a trial and you don't need to enter your credit card info.

Here's what you get with their free plan:

- Create unlimited email signup forms
- Create unlimited landing pages
- Send emails to up to 1,000 subscribers

While you can use ConvertKit for free to start, I recommend upgrading to a paid account. That's because in the paid version you unlock the ability to send automated email sequences.

And automation is what we need to build a hands-off system.

Better deliverability rates

Probably the number 1 thing you need with any email provider is good deliverability.

Something I noticed with Mailchimp was lower open rates because my emails were ending up in the spam folder or just not being sent at all!

That's because Mailchimp attracts a lot of marketers who flood the system with spam. In turn the big email providers (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail) notice these patterns and may flag your emails as spam.

ConvertKit on the other hand is managed by a team who actively keeps their system clean from spammers. It was built specifically for creators (bloggers, coaches, etc) who focus on relationship-building, rather than mass email marketing.

You can use their physical address

US law says you need to put a physical address where you are "reachable" at the bottom of every email.

With ConvertKit, you can use their address, which meets the legal requirement of having a reachable address (source).

In the very unlikely event someone writes a letter to that address, they would scan it and email you a copy.

It's newbie friendly

Most other email marketing providers built their system for e-commerce sites. But ConvertKit was created by a blogger as the email marketing platform for bloggers.

There's no coding knowledge or design expertise needed, as they've got pre-made opt-in form and landing page templates ready to go.

If you're not already using ConvertKit, I recommend signing up now because in the next lesson you're going to create an email opt-in form and add it to your blog.

Click here to open a free ConvertKit account.

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