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Thank you page tripwire

Lesson 17 Module 4

After a user signs up to your email list, you should redirect them to a thank you page.

I see many bloggers skipping this very important step - and they're really missing out on a great opportunity.

See, when a user signs up to your email list, they are actively trying to solve a problem they have. This is the perfect opportunity to make them an irresistible offer.

This offer, also called a tripwire, is highly effective at getting readers to take the next step in your system.

Remember, your goal is to move your readers further down into your funnel.

What to put on your thank you page

1. You can start by saying thank you.

The user has just taken the first step to begin to solve their problem. They are most likely excited (as are you) about this, so share some of that excitement with them!

Don't be afraid to show your personality shine and add an animated gif to welcome subscribers into your ecosystem.

2. Tell them what to expect next

So they put their email address and hit submit, now what? Tell them exactly what is going to happen next.

Typically, this means telling them that their freebie is on its way to their inbox. If it's a course, you can direct them to how to access the course. And if it's for a free consultation you'll direct them to your calendar program to choose a time.

I also like to tell readers to add my email address to their whitelist or contacts to ensure emails don't go to the spam or promotions folder.

3. Wait! Before you go...

Now it's time to hit them with your one-time offer or tripwire offer.

This offer needs to be something that is just one step above subscribing to your list. Your price point could be anywhere from $7 - $27, but shouldn't be any higher than that.

No, you're not going to make a lot of money with this offer. That's not the point. You are just trying to advance them one step further in your sales funnel.

Think of it like this:

Read my content > Give me your email > Give me $10 > Give me $100 > Give me $1,000.

You can't go all the way, you've got to start at first base.

You want to ultimately build enough trust that the person spends a lot of money with you further down the funnel. And offering a small product upfront (that overdelivers) is a great shortcut to establishing that level of trust.

Creating your tripwire product

Just like there should be synergy between your free offering and your paid offering, your tripwire should fit too.

Example #1:

If your paid offer is a $97 course, offering a free 4-day course is a great lead magnet.

In this example, your tripwire could be printables or worksheets that go with the free course, a PDF version of the course, or a video training.

Example #2:

If your paid offer is monthly diet coaching, your freebie could be a meal plan worksheet.

In this example, your tripwire could be a 15-minute discovery session for $7.

Example #3:

You can also keep it simple and have your lead magnet, tripwire, and paid offer all be the same product!

For example, if your paid offer is a $47 ebook, your lead magnet could be the first 20 pages of your book.

Your tripwire would be your book available at just $27 on this page only.

Thank you page examples

Example #1:

Example #2:

Example #3:

Example #4:

Example #5:

Example #6:

What all of these tripwire offers have in common is an extremely discounted offer in the range of $5-$17.

They also have urgency with a countdown timer. To add a countdown timer you can use Thrive Ultimatum.