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Cultivate a tribe

Lesson 22 Module 4

In this lesson, I'm going to give you some tips on how to cultivate your subscriber list to become tribe members (and prune the others out).

It can be easy to get lost in a sea of data and numbers.

You've got lead magnet conversion rates, email open rates, click-through rates, etc.

But you should never forget that we're dealing with real people here, not numbers.

If you want people to join your tribe and become a true fan, you're going to need to create a connection.

Just sending them an email sequence pitching your paid product is not enough.

To build a tribe you need two-way communication.

One-way communication

Email has its faults. Mainly, it's that emails are oftentimes treated as a one-way communication method for marketers.

In other words, you talk at your list, rather than talking with them.

As a result, so often email marketers get someone on their list and then blast them with paid offers over and over again until the user unsubscribes.

Two-way communication

To build that personal connection, you need to make email a two-way conversation platform.

Here are some ways you can make email a two-way conversation:

  • End every email asking a simple question.
  • Use "you" and "your" instead of "we".
  • If you collected first names, use it in the body of the email, not just in the subject.

Move email subscribers into a community

You can only do so much in an email list.

To build a tribe that is fiercely loyal to you, it's going to take a little bit more than sending personalized emails.

To truly build a tribe you need to have a community - not just an email list.

This is why I recommend having a Facebook group for your people.

Here's how best to use a Facebook group:

  • Don't use it as a platform to spam your products or services. Trust me, if someone wants to buy something from you, they will find a way to do it.
  • The way you get people to buy isn't by over-sharing, it's by over-helping.
  • Don't be afraid to help too much or give too much away in your group.
  • Encourage communication between members.

When done right,  your Facebook group will sprout advocates for your brand who will do the promoting for you.