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Create a landing page

Lesson 14 Module 3

Landing pages are the ultimate shortcut to growing your email list fast. Instead of spending your time creating content to add your opt-in forms, you could create and promote your landing page instead.

Create a landing page in ConvertKit

To create a landing page in ConvertKit, go to Landing Pages & Forms > New Form > Landing Page

Choose a template, make your changes, and save.

Click Share to get the URL of your landing page.

To give your landing page a friendlier URL, create a new Page on your blog and edit the permalink.

Then in the ConvertKit section, choose the landing page you created. Now when people visit this page, the landing page you created in ConvertKit will be displayed.

Create a landing page with a page builder

If you want more control over your design you can host the landing page on your blog instead.

You can design your landing page with a page builder like Elementor or Thrive Architect (what I use).

On your landing page, remove your blog navigation links, sidebar, and anything else that may be a distraction. The one sole focus should be on getting a conversion.

Example #1.

Why I like it:

1. Clear headline

There's a clear question that grabs your attention from the start: "Ready to enjoy a more peaceful home?"

2. Preview image

If yes, you look to the right to find a visually appealing preview of what is being offered: "The Peaceful Parent Starter Guide."

3. The benefits

There's supporting text that describes the benefits of the offer, not just what's in it.

4. Call to action

The button stands out and uses a color that's nowhere else on the page with a clear call to action: "Send me my free guide."

5. Time-sensitive offer

There's a countdown that adds a sense of urgency to claiming this offer.

6. Proof

The person who created this landing page spells out why they are qualified to help you in this journey.

Example #2.

Why I like it:

1. Attention-grabbing headline

"Forget about boring, tiny portions of food."

2. Preview image

Preview of the offer, which is a weekly meal planning kit.

3. The benefits

The benefit is clear: "How to lose weight without feeling deprived."

4. Call to action

The directions are clear and simple: "Enter your email address to collect your bonuses" and "Get access now."

5. Proof

They list where their website has been featured.

Example #3.

Why I like it:

1. Headline

I make sure to be clear what the offer is: "Free Blogging eCourse."

2. Preview image

It's a laptop within a desktop, but the image is appealing enough to make the reader want to take advantage of this free offer.

3. What they're getting is clear

The benefit is clear: to start a profitable blog. I also go over exactly what each day covers. The goal here isn't to get more subscribers, but qualified subscribers who are committed.

4. Call to action

The directions are simple: "Enter your email to receive my free 4-day eCourse" and "Send me the free eCourse!"

5. Proof

Since my freebie is a course, I need more "proof" than for a typical lead magnet. Visitors need to "believe in me" since a course (even though it's free) is a harder "sell" than just a PDF (due to the time commitment).

For this reason I add an about me section and media mentions.

6. Another opt-in form

Since my landing page is on the longer side, I add another opt-in form at the very bottom. I recommend doing this if you have a longer landing page, you're going to get more subscribers (especially on mobile).

Promote your landing page

After you have your landing page built, it's time to promote this page. Your landing page should be the most important page of your website, as it's the entry point into your funnel and ecosystem.

Here are some ways to promote your landing page to give it the attention it deserves.

  • Add it to the menu

Your main menu needs to have the most important pages of your website. Typically this is your homepage, about page, blog page, and money page (shop, courses, resources, etc).

But your menu also needs a link to your landing page.

  • Link to it in your blog posts

Rather than have the actual opt-in forms appear in your content, you can instead add links to your landing page.

This helps give your blog a clean look - no ads, no forms.

You can link to your landing page either as a regular link or you can use a button instead.

Promote it on social media

Here's a few ways to get the word out about your landing page

  • Instead of linking to your homepage on your social media profiles, add a link directly to your landing page.
  • Make a Facebook post and a tweet about your landing page offer and pin it to the top of your profile.
  • Create multiple Pinterest pins linking back to your landing page.