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Delivering the lead magnet

Lesson 18 Module 4

After the user signs up to your list we want to redirect them to a thank you page and email them your lead magnet.

Here's how to set this up in ConvertKit.

How to deliver your lead magnet

While you can deliver the incentive via your forms page, I prefer to instead deliver the freebie in the first email of a welcome email series.

Here's how to set this up in ConvertKit.

Step 1. In the Form settings page, set it to not deliver the incentive email.

Note: If you want a double opt-in list, keep the incentive email and the user will receive the freebie once they confirm their email.

Step 2. Upload your freebie to your WordPress in Media > Add new and copy the URL.

Step 3. Back in ConvertKit, go to Automations > Sequences and create a new email sequence.

Set the first email (welcome email) to be sent immediately. This is the email where you'll include the link to download your freebie.

Step 4. Create a rule that each user who signs up to a form will automatically be subscribed to the sequence you created earlier in Automations > Rules.

Step 5. You also want to make sure to remove subscribers from this series once they make a purchase, so they won't get any more "sales" emails.