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Lead magnet 1.0 vs 2.0

Lesson 8 Module 3

People are more selective over who they give their email to nowadays. And that's a good thing.

That just means there's more opportunity for your emails to make an impact.

So how do we start getting email subscribers? That's what I'm going to cover in this lesson.

Lead magnet v1.0

If you want to get someone's email, you need a lead magnet.

Gone are the days of subscribing to newsletters. Nowadays, you need to offer an opt-in incentive to get an email address.

Common examples of lead magnets are checklists, printables, reports, guides, cheatsheets, infographics, etc.

In other words, it's just a simple downloadable file.

While these lead magnets are effective at getting email subscribers, they SUCK at everything else.

The goal of a lead magnet is not to get a lot of subscribers.

Unless you're in a competition to get the most amount of emails, the size of your email list is just another vanity metric!

What we're looking for is the right people to enter our ecosystem.

Enter the lead magnet 2.0.

Lead magnet v2.0

Maybe this has happened to you.

You see a flashy signup form with an enticing thumbnail image of a freebie.

You see that it's entirely free so of course you enter your email to get it.

A few seconds later you get the file only to find out it's rubbish. And now you're on yet another mailing list.

This happens to me all the time and I'm sure it happens to your readers too. It's time we step up our games and level up our lead magnets.

The lead magnet 2.0 is not something you cobble together in 15 minutes. Lead magnet 2.0 is actionable, it is useful, and it overdelivers.

Scared about giving away too much?

There's no such thing as giving away too much.

If you're creating a lead magnet and are thinking that you're giving away too much, this is a clue you're on the right track.

Here's how to reframe the way you think about this question.

Imagine you're at the food court in the mall. The popular places like McDonald's are full and then there's this new food joint that wants some customers.

A good tactic is to give away a free sample to people near the food court.

What do you think they should offer?

If you said the best-tasting item on the menu, you're right!

You see, if you want someone to come into your circle, you need to offer them the absolute best thing you have.

And don't hold back.

If you're not scared you're giving away too much, you're doing it wrong!

What happens when you give away a lot

Here's what happens when you offer an amazing lead magnet:

  • Whenever someone has a question in a Facebook group in your niche, people will share a link to your landing page for you.
  • They save the file on their desktop and refer back to it over and over again.
  • You help them solve a problem and take another step forward in their journey.
  • They will think: "If they're offering this for free, I can only imagine what their paid offerings look like!"
  • Your lead magnet positions you as the person who can help them solve "the big problem" in your niche.

Your lead magnet should be so good people KEEP it, USE it, and SHARE it.