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Lead magnet synergy

Lesson 10 Module 3

The definition of synergy is two or more things working together in order to create something that is bigger or greater than the sum of their individual efforts.

This is what you need your lead magnet(s) to be.

You should have synergy between your blog post(s), your lead magnet(s), and your paid offerings (whether your own product or as an affiliate).

Say your niche has 3 major problems.

Here's how your system would look:

Blog posts

10 blog posts for each of these 3 major problems

Lead magnets

3 lead magnets, one for each of these problems

Email series

3 email series, one for each problem

Paid products

3 premium solutions, one for each problem

Blog posts

Your blog posts don't necessarily have to solve a problem or advance the reader one step in their journey.

The point of a blog post is just to get eyeballs on your lead magnet offer.

Think of content as lures you're putting out to catch a fish.

Your content needs to have one clear call to action: to download your lead magnet and solve the problem your blog post discusses.

Lead magnet - From point A to point B

Look to solve a problem that exists in your niche with your lead magnet.

Rather than just offering a random freebie, offer a real solution.

The goal here is to advance the user one full step in their journey. When they download your lead magnet (and use it), they are committing themselves to your process.

This is a really important piece of the overall puzzle.

Because when someone commits to moving from point A to point B with you, they are much more likely to choose you as the person who helps them move from point B to point C.

Paid product - From point B to point C

Your paid product or service is the ultimate solution to fix the problem once and for all.

Example #1:

Blog post: Why you need an email list

Lead magnet: How to get your first 100 subscribers

Paid product: How to get 10,000 subscribers

Example #2:

Blog post: How much do pet groomers actually make?

Lead magnet: Dog groomer startup guide

Paid product: How to start a mobile pet grooming business

Example #3:

Blog post: Why keto works for weight loss

Lead magnet: 4-week printable keto meal planner

Paid product: Personalized keto meal plan, workbook, and group coaching sessions

PS: You don't need to have your own products for each main problem. Oftentimes it's easier to be an affiliate and just earn a commission instead.