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Get a custom email address

Lesson 4 Module 2

If you're going to do email marketing you need your own branded email address. Having a branded email helps improve email deliverability and it helps your open rates too!

Mine is

Yours should be

If your domain name is your name, try

You want to avoid things like or anything that isn't personal.

Create your custom email address

You have to go to your hosting account to create your custom email address. Typically, they have a section in the admin area for Email.

For Bluehost, click on Advanced > Email Accounts > Create.

Receive messages in your personal Gmail account

I use Gmail and find it helpful to manage all of my email addresses from one main account. So you may want to forward your emails to your personal GMail (or whoever you use) account.

Forwarding email from your custom email to your personal account is simple enough.

From the control panel in your hosting account, look for Forwarding in the Email section. Add your main personal email here to forward all mail.

Send messages from Gmail

If you want to send email from your custom domain within GMail, follow these detailed instructions from Bluehost here.

Keep in mind that this is just to be able to reply to emails and you won't be using GMail to send emails to your list.

To send emails to your list you need an email marketing provider, which is covered in the next lesson.