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Why you need an email list

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Most people who visit your blog will never come back again. It sucks but it's true.

But when you have an email list you set up a way to communicate with your blog visitors again.

Here are 4 reasons you need to start an email list right now:

Build trust with your audience

You don't typically buy things from strangers. The reason isn't that their products are bad, it's that you can't take their word that it will work.

After all, they're just pitching something to make a commission out of it.

Now imagine that person was your friend who is sharing their personal recommendation of that product. Now it's different.

Now you're more willing to buy that product and the reason is because of trust.

Having an email list allows you to continue the conversation with your readers that started on your blog. When you continue to provide value to your readers, all you do is continue to build trust.

And if case you weren't aware, trust is that one magical thing you need to build a six-figure business.

People need to see an offer 7 times before buying

Trying to make a sale via your blog is like trying to make a sale by cold-calling strangers - not gonna happen!

This is why there are re-targeting ads on Facebook. This is why so many big brands spend huge money just to put their logo in front of your face.

You can accomplish the same thing with your email list.

1. The first interaction was a pin on Pinterest, a tweet, or a Google search result.

2. The second one is your blog post. If the post was good, they'll want to learn more about the person who created this great piece of content.

3. Hopefully the third one will be your about page. This is where you build a more personal connection with the reader by sharing your story.

4. The fourth? If you do it right, they will opt-in to your email list and the next interaction will be your welcome email.

5. From there, you are just a few more emails away from being able to make a sale.

6. Continue to provide value via email. Show them why this problem in your niche matters and why you are the perfect person to help them with it.

7. Now it's time to make your offer. By now, you practically have a friend that you're helping out. This means you're not really a sleazy salesperson, but a helpful buddy offering assistance.

You have full control

Some people ignore email lists altogether and focus on building an audience on a social media network like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc.

But what happens when those social media sites change their algorithm? You could go from huge exposure to zero instantly.

What happens if Pinterest shuts down your account? Or if Facebook limits the distribution of your FB page updates? Or if Instagram changes the algorithm and limits your reach?

This type of stuff happens far too often to think it can't happen to you.

Trusting social media networks with your business is the definition of insanity.

The better solution is to create your own your network.

That's what an email list is. It's the place where you can instantly communicate with your audience and be assured that they're going to get your message, every single time.

When you own your network you keep full control of your audience. Your email list is yours, all yours, and nobody can take it away from you.

Allows you to build a tribe of FANS

How do you build a six-figure business? If you think it's by advertising, you'd be wrong. If you think it's by creating a lot of products, you'd be wrong again. What about raising prices? Wrong again.

You build a six-figure business by amassing a (relatively) small group of FANS who buy everything you make.

The secret sauce is your tribe. That's it, that's the secret!

That's because it is far easier to make a sale from someone who already knows, likes, and trusts you.

These wonderful people are the ones who will retire you from your 9-to-5, pay off your house, and let you travel the world!

If you're not actively working on building your list and growing your tribe, you're totally missing out.